Android App : ChargeMe IoT ESP8266

Android app for clever charging via IoT relay

Charge your Android device in clever way – let it drive its charging process by itself. Charging cable is wired though IoT AC relay. App sends commands to relay wireless via MQTT protocol. Once charged relay gets OFF and vice versa.



Get it on Google Play

Step 1 : Get your free MQTT server

I recommend free service. Register and get your credentials.

Example of such :
server name :
server port : 12088
user name : cpmcluaa (dummy, do not use it)
user password : VjIpTthcqmb8 (dummy, do not use it)

Step 2 : Configure IoT relay

using with Sonnof IoT relay – recommended

What you need : Sonnoff IoT relay and FTDI adapter for flashing it.

See this great tutorial to understand how to flash Sonoff FW.
Download custom FW Tahoma here.
Configure file user_config.h – and insert

// MQTT topic - refer to Step 2
#define PROJECT "sonoff"

// Your Wifi
#define STA_SSID1 „your_wifi_ssid“
#define STA_PASS1 „your_wifi_password“

// MQTT server – refer to Step 1
#define MQTT_HOST „“
#define MQTT_PORT 12088
#define MQTT_USER „cpmcluaa“
#define MQTT_PASS „VjIpTthcqmb8“

Step 3 : Configure ChargeMe IoT app

launch the app, go to Settings and insert
– MQTT server details – from Step 1
– IoT relay payloads – to control relay – refer to Tahoma FW

Another option – using with Raspberry Pi and AC Relay

What you need : Raspberry Pi and AC relay – example at Aliexpress

To install MQTT client at Raspberry PI use Eclipse Mosquitto. See this tutorial and my example of python code.
Code subcribes to MQTT and based on payloads („ON“ or „OFF“) turns GPIO 4 at pin 7 low or high. Connect AC relay to this pin and there you go.






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